Raise Gambia was set up in The Gambia in 2011 as one of nine Science for Africa projects established in sub-Saharan Africa by the UK based Institute of Physics.

The aim of Raise Gambia is to enhance the teaching and learning of science in Gambian schools by promoting the use of practical experiments in the classroom - something that is currently rare.

Raise Gambia has set up and equipped a dedicated teaching laboratory in The Gambia and science teachers from across the country attend Teacher Development Workshops run by experienced UK and local science teachers.

Raise Gambia runs workshops for students from The Gambia and UK and enables school visits to the laboratory.

The work of Raise Gambia has been welcomed and embraced by all involved: the teachers, the students and the Gambian Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education.

For Raise Gambia to continue our work, a minimum sum of £10,000 per annum is needed:

With long-term funding, the following innovations could be developed:

We have made a start:

Now we need your help…

For additional information or to support the project, please email the trustees / co-ordinators:

Laurie Mansfield: [email protected]   OR   Steve Atyeo: [email protected]

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