LAB in a CAB

Dear friends and supporters,

Yes indeed, this is another request for help but we do hope you will read it.

We are sure that you will understand that, as with many other things, the last 15 months have been difficult for us in RAISE Gambia to do all the things that we want to do to support Gambian science teachers and their students. This means that we have been developing some strategies to help them remotely.

We have been working hard on producing a series of Practical Experiment Kits that can be loaned to teachers to enable their students to do real live experiments in their own classrooms. We now have three of these Kits available (one each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology) to use as a pilot.

We are calling this project ‘Lab-in-a-Cab: Science in Motion’.

The initial reactions from teachers have been excellent.

But our main difficulty now is that our faithful 1996 VW Passat, which has served us well for the past 7 years,  is now reaching the end of its useful life.

Basically, it is no longer fit for the purpose of reliably transporting the kits to schools. And spares are becoming increasingly hard to find.

To continue with our loan project, we need a replacement vehicle – quickly.

We have made applications to a number of grant awarding bodies for support in this project but any funds arising from these will be mainly used for purchasing materials for the Kits and in any case, will not become available for several months. To keep up the momentum of the project and to continue to support Gambian teachers, we need to replace our vehicle NOW.

Within our current budget, we can use £1000 of Raise Gambia funds to put towards the cost of a new vehicle. But we need to spend at least £2000 in The Gambia to get anything worthwhile. So in other words, we need to raise the additional £1000+ as quickly as possible.

We are therefore asking all of our friends and supporters for anything that you can contribute, however small. It would be a great help. And if you are a UK tax payer we can, of course, claim Gift Aid and increase every £20 to £25.

The best way to donate to this project is to use our LabinaCab donations page at:

Or you can pay directly to our bank account. We are also very happy to accept donations via PayPal, or through the donations page on our website. If we meet up, we can also collect donations by ‘contactless’ payment!

Finally, please feel free to pass on this request to any of your friends and family who you think would like to support RAISE Gambia in our Lab-in-a-Cab project.

Our bank details are:

Account name:  Raise Gambia

Sort Code: 30-65-22

Account no: 78068260

And our website is simply:

With very best wishes,

Laurie Mansfield                     Steve Atyeo

07866534316                           07545623627

        (Co-founders and Trustees of RAISE Gambia)